Tuesday May 21


Judy Kronenfeld - Poetry

JudyKronenfeld-PoetryJudy Kronenfeld has published two books and two chapbooks of poetry, as well as a critical-historical study of Shakespeare (KING LEAR and the Naked Truth, Duke U.P., 1998).

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A. Leigh Peters - Poetry

A.LeighPeters-PoetryA. Leigh Peters won an Academy of American Poets Prize in 2010. She has been published in numerous literary magazines and journals, including The American Library of Poetry,

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Tara Mae Schultz - Poetry

TaraMaeSchultz-PoetryTara Mae Schultz is a second year MFA candidate in poetry at the University of Memphis. She is also the senior poetry editor for the award-winning literary journal, The Pinch.

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Ajit Peter - Poetry

AjitPeter-PoetryAjit Peter is an engineer working as Manager of Business Development at Riverstone Academy in Chennai, India. He enjoys reading novels, writing poems, and traveling.

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