Wednesday Jun 19

ElizabethHecht Elizabeth Hecht was born in Baltimore Md., the oldest of 4 girls. She has been a writer and singer for most of her life beginning in the East, then moving West and then to the South. She has raised a wonderful son who she considers her "best song." She loves all creatures great and small and thinks a perfect day is under a tree where it's quiet, surrounded by her dogs while immersed in a great book. She loves to cook (vegetarian) and garden (organic). She's a Pisces with cancer rising, which may explain her love of the ocean, especially New England. Her favorite movie is The Wizard of Oz and she truly believes that there is no place like home. The rest of her musings can be found in song and lyric.


The sky turned granite magic
on that eve so close to August.
And in that moment of silvering clarity
I knew all that is possible
is also inescapable.
The sky reflects the ocean's steely composure,
unbroken by gulls crying their plaintive wail
as hungrily they search for their daily supper.
And I look to birds for answers
as if they, in their winged ascent
could transport me on high
into heaven's resolve.


Sleep the Day

I sleep the day away
With no one here to see me
Free of guilt-by association
In a fugue state I dream
That my life is a prism
Released from the trappings of failure
That free floating flatness
Where time and place never meet
And shake hands
I could have been something
Had I awoken