Monday Jul 22

Congeries - September 2011

Stephen Burt - Poetry

BurtStephen--creditJessicaBennett Stephen Burt is Professor of English at Harvard. His books include The Art of the Sonnet, with David Mikics, and Close Calls with Nonsense: Reading New Poetry;

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Brenda Hillman - Poetry

HillmanBrendacreditForrestGander Brenda Hillman is the author of eight collections of poetry, the most recent of which are Pieces of Air in the Epic (2005) and Practical Water (2009). She is Olivia Filippi Professor of Poetry at St. Mary’s College of California, and works with CodePink. She lives in the Bay Area.

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G.C. Waldrep - Poetry

gcwaldrep-hatG.C. Waldrep's fourth collection, Your Father on the Train of Ghosts—in collaboration with John Gallaher—was released in April 2011 by BOA Editions.

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