Wednesday Jun 19

TaraMaeSchultz-PoetryTara Mae Schultz is a second year MFA candidate in poetry at the University of Memphis. She is also the senior poetry editor for the award-winning literary journal, The Pinch. She has work published or forthcoming in Touchstone Literary Journal, The Los Angeles Review, Di Mezzo Il Mare, and The Southern Women’s Review.




The Red Shoes

My vagina
slithers away.
I imagine she dons
red dancing shoes,
dances in whip winds
on far-off mountains,
mounts horses,
runs madcap
away from the sun’s ascension.
Sometimes my neighbors
find her, early morning,
They tell me,
We saw her.
She must have had quite a ball.
You ever know where she goes?
I smile,
At least she returns though.
Yes, she does.
Re-graphing herself,
she puts on a game face
for a day in the life of a married woman:
I rise,
pat myself with body cream,
watch the children
eat their toast and eggs.
I watch the dust rise in a field
next to the carpool lane
and think about deserts,
the dust bowl.
I dust the bookshelf,
finger my mother’s old thesaurus.
In the evening,
Earl kisses my nape.
I lie back and count
the turns of the ceiling fan,
listen to the calendar pages
rustle with each revolution.
When I drift off to sleep,
I wonder idly
who knows what
things she’s seen
and why
I’ve never followed her.