Wednesday Jun 19


Farmers’ markets are buzzing right now with all sorts of berries, flowers, veggies,

and hand-raised meat, and this month’s poetry column is similarly rich in offerings—we’re chock full of style, beauty, and gristle.

Jacob Russell wowed me with his line “She licks the letters from signs” in a haunting poem that grapples with brokenness in a world where so much seems to be circular, cyclic, connected, the way tide returns and ocean meets sky. Next, S Stephanie gives us an honest, forthright glimpse into a rocky relationship in three prose poems, all the way down to the taste of tin and moon as the relationship falls apart. Katrina K Guarascio gives us a peek into the complex ties (made to be escaped) involved in a one-night stand. She leaves us with a near painting of a couple standing on the shore, subject to many forces of nature, but deciding for themselves which forces to follow.

 We begin July’s column, however, with Alabama’s Poet Laureate, Sue Brannan Walker. Sue, who is tremendously gracious, gave me, for starters, a wonderful, in-depth interview. I am floored by all she’s accomplished so far in the capacity of Poet Laureate to bring poetry to those who desperately need it. You can read details about this in the interview, as well as her insights into subjects like religion and belonging—and, in the interview, she gave us a poem from her latest book! She also gave us two extensive, intricate new poems. Her poetry demonstrates just how personal the whole world is to each of us, from the complexity of family, heritage, community, and religion, to the plight of a woman you’ve never met who’s sitting on death row. Take the time to read what Dr. Walker has to say; you won’t regret it.

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Photo of Kaite Hillenbrand & Sammy