Wednesday Jun 19

AjitPeter-PoetryAjit Peter is an engineer working as Manager of Business Development at Riverstone Academy in Chennai, India. He enjoys reading novels, writing poems, and traveling. He wants simply to bring his poetry into the heart of a common person.



A Battle to Lose
What hath caused humans to war
War doth not mean a gun fire far
Times battles be fought in hearts depth
Unveiled in time the anger kept
Courage doth turn to fear
The deceit of enemy every near
faded line marking good and bad
Turning dreams joy to sad
In the depth of poisoned tongue
A sword to kill ready to plunge
what hath the innocent done
his dreams in enmity gone
Destiny doth make us believe
faith doth make us live
deceit doth kill the peace
hearts innocence a cowardly disease
war to the victorious glory and honor
yet to those lost a defeats horror
Tears held behind the eyes veil
who doth stand to watch a dream fail
Cry Cry i plead those eyes
Try try to forget the deceit and lies
spared be the generations to come
by the loss of dreams to some
wavered as a boat in storm
dreams be torn the sails harm
A battle is lost the victors laugh
the innocent walk weak with cough
Yet times the heart doth find
The breeze of fate destiny's mills to grind
If to mourn a dream’s death
A battle lost before its birth
the song birds fail to sing
foul the angels cry flightless wing
oh to deceit and lies they tell
A curse to innocence a witches spell
day on earth be numbered by none
the love you gave never be gone
winning a war doth light one more far
A battle be lost better than war