Wednesday Jun 19

RichardProvencher Richard L. Provencher is now retired, allowing him more time to write. He combines a love of nature with contemporary issues. His poems are in: Ottawa Arts Review, Paragon, Folly, The Dublin Quarterly, Parenting Express, Time of Singing, and Phatitude Literary Magazine. He and his wife, Esther, live in Truro, Nova Scotia. A poetry chapbook In the Light of Day is available through Mercutio Press.

The Peanut Wind

wants to make
the world wobble

and hear it squirm
from where
I sit, with

whistles, whooshing
sounds resonating

and exhibit an essence
like magic

against my face,
from warm to cold
then retire again

a seasonal change
my attention.

It wishes me to chew
into its needs,
like a mouthful

of peanuts

tasting, scent
until I am

complete, a
of the wind.



Mattatall, the Lake

Natural pulses straddle
my excitement, as a cherry
wood paddle
pursues the current

canoe accepting
wind pouting its resistance.

I am a silhouette
lurking by water's edge
or a loon's accolade
where begins a morning song

perhaps simply a feast
of early sun, yoke
alive in life's surging

a blend, a parallel
from the land to heights