Wednesday Feb 08

Whitehouse-Poetry Anne Whitehouse’s poetry collections include The Surveyor’s Hand, Blessings and Curses, Bear in Mind, One Sunday Morning, and the latest, The Refrain, recently published by Dos Madres Press. Her novel, Fall Love, is available as a free e-book from Feedbooks and Smashwords. She was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, educated at Harvard and Columbia, and lives in New York City. Her website can be found here.

A Girl Who Fell in Love with an Island

I thought I saw the ghost of myself
as I was at the age of 27,
standing up on a bicycle, peddling uphill,
long hair streaming behind her.
She smiled as she passed me in the twilight
and wished me a good evening.
On the back of her bike was
a milk crate for hauling things,
the same as I once had.
She was wearing flip-flops
and a loose wrapped skirt.
I had seen her on the beach,
making salutations to the setting sun
over the sea in a reflected fire
of blazing gold and rose embers.
I hadn’t wanted to interrupt her,
or show her to herself thirty years older.
I was a girl who fell in love with an island.
Each time I've left here,
something of that quiet, introspective girl      
has lingered behind and never left.
On visits when I come across her
she has never gotten any older.                     
In August I return in search of her,
wearing my oldest clothes, ones she wore,
worn and faded, softened by use.
Once again she and I are one
when I swim in the cove’s cold waters,
gazing up at the sea and sky
or diving underwater to watch
the dark kelps waving over the rocks.