Tuesday May 30

HopenthalerYear5 At 85, my friend, the work of Dick Frost retains its no-nonsense, straight-up aesthetic and its glorious sense of humor. The tension between humor and the difficulty of human endeavor creates the energy that gives his poems life, and also creates the atmosphere for empathy; if you know Dick, you know that the voice of the poems is much like the voice of the poet.  

Dick, and his wife, poet Carol Frost, have been great friends to poetry and the arts, and they have been great friends to me over the years I’ve known them. Carol’s work was featured in A Poetry Congeries a while ago, but I wouldn’t be satisfied until I could feature some of Dick’s work, too. He has been in the poetry world a very long time, the jazz world, too, and he’s got a lot of great stories to tell. A new book of his poems is in the works, and I can’t wait. In the meantime, find a copy of Neighbor Blood and lose yourself in his wonderful poems.

Read here as Dick discusses his poem, “One Morning,” with How a Poem Happens.

And here is an interview with Dick on Poetry Daily.