Thursday May 23

A. E. Stringer is the author of Channel Markers. A new collection, Human Costume, is out from Salmon Poetry (2009).  His work has appeared in such journals as The Nation, Antaeus, The Ohio Review, Denver Quarterly, Shenandoah, and others. An edition of Paradox Hill by poet Louise McNeill, selected and introduced by Stringer, is also out from WVU Press (2009). He teaches writing at Marshall University.
At the Precipice Bar and Grill

Hawk in the level haze glanced
off updrafts. I could hardly stand
on the deck, keeping my distance,
whiskey medicinal and gusts
in my ears, wings reeling
through afternoon. Another tour
beside myself, saving an empty
seat, all your cruise and
glitter anywhere else. Ordered
a double, watched a couple flirt
with the edge, then step away
to arms entwined. Sky
burned everything blue.
Imagined your hand, cool,
to my forehead. Over the rail
over the tangle of river below,
I went for a loose end. Only
a fever, this reach into freefall.