Wednesday Jun 19

Paul Ala Ruben Paul Alan Ruben has published both literary fiction, and non-fiction. A Minor Adjustment is the third published short story from his themed collection, Terms of Engagement: stories of the father and son. The others have appeared in Pif Magazine (“Father, Son and the Holy Obit”) and Pennsylvania English/35 (“The Underdog”). His short story, An Actress Prepares, was recently published by Wild Violet Magazine. All his published stories are recorded on audio by professional audiobook narrators, and are available on A graduate of the MFA fiction program at Spalding University, Paul is seeking a home for his just completed first novel, journey through the rabbit hole. Paul has contributed to various non-fiction print and online publications, including, and Audiofile Magazine. For the past two decades, Paul has produced and directed hundreds of audiobooks for every major American publisher, and won numerous industry awards, including two Grammy Awards for Best Spoken Word.


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