Wednesday Feb 28

KarenStefano 2015 Welcome to the March issue of Connotation Press. With this welcome I also want to acknowledge and congratulate you. Many, if not most, readers of Connotation Press are writers themselves. As writers, we’ve chosen a path that is simultaneously beautiful, miraculous, brave, lonely, terrifying, and bewildering. Writing is an act of faith and sometimes the world tests that faith. Yet somehow we keep going, we keep believing. And for that I salute every one of you. Let us hold each other up with love and honor and hope. Let us be there for one another.

In honor of all of you fabulous reader-writers out there, we have put together a spectacular issue. Featured writers Michael J. Seidlinger and Doug Cooper not only deliver fantastic prose, but their interviews are guaranteed to blow your mind with their honesty about what it means to be alive in this world. We also have remarkable work from April Vazquez, CLS Ferguson, and Grace Horton. Enjoy and revive yourself with these writers’ inspiring words!


Photo credit to the wonderful Robert P. Kaye.