Thursday Feb 22

KarenStefano 2015 Just a few short weeks ago I asked my favorite twelve-year-old girl, “What’s your New Year’s resolution?” Her response?

To be more awesome.

I think that’s a damn fine answer.

My own resolutions? To share my heart fully with my friends and community. To take some risks. To be an even more ruthless time manager. To write and write and write. To continue to dive into the Connotation Press submissions pile with gusto, poised to find a gem of a story. To seek out and find outstanding fiction for the pleasure and inspiration of all of this Online Artifact’s loyal readers.

And I’m pleased to report that with this issue, the first Fiction issue of 2016, I am well on the way to achieving my goals. We have some superb stories to share. Featured writer Erika Krouse delivers a knock out punch with the excerpt from her fantastic novel, Contenders. Also featured is the amazing Judy Reeves, who simply dazzles with her story, “Sudden Squall.” Rounding out the issue are three stunning pieces from Alina Stefanescu, and some exceptional flash fiction from Jack C. Buck and Brian Lupo.

Enjoy it. And remember, for the rest of 2016: Be. More. Awesome.