Wednesday Feb 28

RobertClarkYoung3 This month I am presenting four pieces that are amalgams of different genres, though they all fall under the rubric of creative nonfiction.

I’m proud to present Gary Fincke, whose “Headlines” combines elements of public history with personal history. Fincke accomplishes this in such a way that you seriously begin to wonder if there ever really is any difference between the two kinds of history.

I’m also proud to present Gail Peck this month, whose two charming stories, “Snow” and “ Letter with Photograph of My Father Leaning in the Doorway of a Plane,” are examples of two different ways to write a memoir. “Snow” is a straightforward recollection, while “Letter” is a kind of mystery story, a rather postmodern one lacking any sort of traditional resolution.

Finally, I’m proud to present B.H. James, whose “Holiday Parties and the Dead” makes a nice amalgam of two genres, the personal memoir and literary criticism. James weaves them together in a clever way, allowing each to resonate against the other.

As always, I’m interested in your unique approach to creative nonfiction. I invite you to submit nonfiction on a topic of your choice.  I’m looking for creative nonfiction, narrative nonfiction, memoirs, and personal essays—with the understanding that these categories often overlap—up to 10,000 words.  Please submit work directly to me at [email protected].  I look forward to enjoying your work!