Monday Jul 22

MegTuite2015 The winter that tattooed itself to entire cities: tumultuous, frigid, taking roofs in its wake. DAMN! If only we could mash it up and spread it around. The desert has demented juniper shrubs in pollen-orange blasting outrage over the curvature of its landscape into any exposed orifices. Sneezing is taking place all over the country, but for different reasons, depending on where you are situated.

I am very excited about this issue! 

We videotaped our interview with Kathy Fish, who left Facebook four years ago and is resurfacing, if briefly, through Connotation Press as our featured writer. She drove out from Denver for the Twisted Reading in Santa Fe in January with many other amazing writers! We had a great interview! Found out more about her and what she’s working on. And CP has published some excerpts from her upcoming novella!

Susan Lewis is also featured in this issue and has delivered five short micro-flash pieces that are poetic prose at its best! 

Enjoy. Thank you, Kathy Fish and Susan Lewis, for sending CP some of your inimitable beauties!