Tuesday Apr 07

ChristopherSoto Christopher Soto (aka Loma) is a queer [email protected] punk poet and prison abolitionist.  They have poems, essays, and book reviews published in print and online. They edit Nepantla: A Journal Dedicated to Queer Poets of Color with the Lambda Literary Foundation. They are an MFA candidate in poetry at NYU and the 2014-2015 intern at Poetry Society of America. In 2015, they co-founded the Undocupoets Campaign (with Javier Zamora and Marcelo Hernandez Castillo) to protest the discriminatory guidelines that many publishers used, barring undocumented people from applying to first book contests. They currently reside in Brooklyn but will soon be moving to the Bay Area.


Reasons Why Brown People Get Arrested

1. The tulips died.

2. Saturn lost her rings.

3. Something about driving // or moving at all.

4. We crossed the border.

5. [On the land you stole].

6. God is poor, trans, & being evicted.

7. When you go to church // I call it gentrification.

8. The moon was hole-punched sky.

9. Shooting stars on Myrtle Ave.

10. [She drowned in white tears].

11. When I crumple a note it beats, like a heart, in my hands.      
12. What is an impound lot?

13. If not a place to crush memory.

14. He was running down the block.

15. & you expected to see police following.

16. [Can’t a brown boy exercise in peace]?

17. I’m always running.

18. I’m always running.

19. I’m always running.

20. She drank from the wrong fountain.

21. She spat [loogies] the size of mangos.

22. Her hair choked the sink.

23. The light bulbs burst out in pain.

24. The wind whipped his back.

25. A shout punctured the sky.

26. [I only write about pain].

27. But sometimes // this world is so gorgeous

28. & I want to live forever.

29. I read the etymology of arrest.

30. Arrest (v.) — from Old French arester "to stay, to stop."

31. When he kissed me, I was arrested.

32. [My heart in handcuffs].

33. Pockets searched for contraband.


35. [nigga]

36. You know what he wanted to call you.

37. Brown as the dirt.

38. Brown as the bark.

39. [White is the color of nothingness].

40. Blank white stare.

41. Blank white face.

42. Blank white apology.

43. I see nothing in you.

44. Nothing.