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Issue V, Volume VI : May 2015

Ken Robidoux, Editor-in-Chief: November 2013

Kaite-n-Me Welcome to Issue III, Volume V: November 2013 of Connotation Press: An Online Artifact.

November 2013 marks the 51st issue of ConPress. And since each issue is split into two, one that posts on the first of the month and another that posts on the fifteenth, we have operated since we launched as a biweekly. Allowing for the fact that we do not publish mid-month posts during our August retrospective issues, this is actually our 51st issue and our 97th installment. Whew!
It overwhelms me to think of all the unbelievably talented folks that have trusted us with their art throughout our run, and of how many continue to every day.

It also humbles me to think we’ve managed to get through all those issues without missing a deadline. Sure, although there have been a lot of crazy things that have happened over the years to leave us cutting it pretty close, we have, nonetheless, persevered and got an issue up on the first and fifteenth as scheduled. And we've done it on time every time. Through deaths in the family, relocations, illnesses, the rare vacations, website flips, crashing servers, personnel changes, and every other possible distraction we have managed to get this magazine up and running.

And we have done it at our own expense all the way through. We make no money. We are not a nonprofit, and the magazine is certainly not free although we charge nothing for it. We sold just enough books from our first book release to break about even. There are no paid members of the Connotation Press team. Not one. In fact, I cashed my retirement to build it.

The truth is, the unbelievable group that works so hard to put this biweekly out again and again does so entirely from the kindness of their hearts and a dedication to the arts that they so eloquently live rather than just prattle on about. This is a team of hard workers that refuse the back-of-the-hand-on-the-forehead posturing so easily donned by the novice or the dramatic poser.

Therefore, I dedicate this, our 51st issue, to my team. I am proud to call them dream mates, bonded believers, supporters of the clear and unwavering cause; these artsmiths of the highest order, they make all this possible:

John Hoppenthaler: A Poetry Congeries, Co-Curator Guest Features
Kaitlin Hillenbrand: Poetry Editor
Meg Tuite: Fiction Editor
Robert Clark Young: Creative Nonfiction Editor
Kathleen Dennehy: Drama Editor
Nicholas Baker: Travel Editor
Erica Goss: Video Poetry Editor
Julia Bouwsma: Book Review Editor
John Turi: Wine Review Editor
Brittany Connolly: Artisan Review Editor
David Beighley: Undergrad Column Editor
J P Reese: Associate Poetry Editor
Julie Brooks Barbour: Associate Poetry Editor
Mia Avramut: Editor-at-Large
Doug Van Gundy: Editor-at-Large
Mari L’Esperance: Editor-at-Large
Robin Russin: Editor-at-Large
And the newest member of the Connotation Press team, Alvis Minor: Associate Poetry Editor (WOOOHOOO!!!)

Now, without further ado, it’s time to get all ConPress on ya’ll and kick this pig to see what it’ll do!

A Poetry Congeries with John Hoppenthaler launches this month with John’s preface and then dives headfirst into a wonderful collaboration between stellar poet Marilyn Nelson and artist Philippe Lardy. We’re also privileged to have an interview John conducted with them both. And as if that wasn’t enough, John also brings us the work of David Kirby! I have always been a fan of Mr. Kirby since I was turned on to his work years ago by my mentor Frank Gaspar. YES! From there John rounds out a dynamic group of poems with work by Stacey Lynn Brown, Joyelle McSweeney, Ed Skoog, Mia Leonin, Carrie Oeding, Landon Godfrey, and James Matthew Wilson. Another example of the hard work and dedication John has put in month after month since our inception. Enjoy!

Erica Goss is back with her video poetry column, The Third Form, and this month her focus is on the works of Michael Dickes. Erica has an interview with Michael and a grip of his gorgeous video poetry. Sublime! Great job, Erica!

Julia Bouwsma focuses the beam of our Book Review column on the new novel by Bellwether Prize winner Susan Nussbaum, Good Kings, Bad Kings. Julia gives this story top points and I invite you to check out the review to see why. Strong work, Julia!

Our tongue-in-cheek wine freak John Turi swings from the vine again this month on a gorgeous bottle of 2009 K “Ovide” from the Charles Smith Winery of the Walla Walla Valley in Washington. John beams over this 67% Cabernet Sauvignon / 33% Syrah varietal. Thanks, John!

Finally, as is our tradition, we invite you to get a sneak peak of our upcoming Fiction & Creative Nonfiction columns that run in their entirety with our featured writers this month: from Fiction, Jules Archer is back (YES!) and in addition to some great new work she chats a bit with editor Meg Tuite, too!, and from Creative Nonfiction a newcomer with a lot of potential Mandy Davison. In addition to our full Fiction & Creative Nonfiction columns on the 15th, we’ll also have new Poetry, Drama, Artisan Review, and Travel columns for your reading pleasure. We all hope you come back on the 15th to see us again.

That’s it for now, folks. As I put to bed this 51st issue of Connotation Press: An Online Artifact I once again say to our talented contributors, die-hard readers, and my dream team of editors, thanks for a wonderful trip, guys. Onward & upward!

All best,

Ken Robidoux
Publisher / Founding Editor-in-Chief
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